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How to optimize PNG images

PNG is a lossless image format that supports transparency. It is a good alternative to JPEG for images with a lot of detail and/or transparency. However, PNG images can be quite large. This post shows how to optimize PNG images instead of converting images to WebP as not everyone is ready to publish WebP images yet.

With optipng you can optimize PNG images. It is available in the repositories of most Linux distributions as shown below for Ubuntu and Debian.

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How to Convert Images to WebP

Websites have been using PNG and JPEG images for a long time. PNG images are lossless and JPEG images are lossy. PNG images are larger in size than JPEG images. WebP is a new image format that is developed by Google. WebP images are smaller in size than PNG and JPEG images and can be both lossy and lossless. WebP images are supported by all modern browsers nowadays and making it ideal see how you can quickly convert images to WebP and make web sites faster and more efficient to load.

The first step is to install the webp or libwebp-tools package. The package includes the command line tools to convert images to WebP and to view WebP images. The package is available in the default repositories of Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and CentOS. On Ubuntu and Debian, the package is called webp.

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