Software Development

Using :nth-child from CSS3

As written is a previous posting about PHPUnit I also wrote the time has come to rewrite an application that is now mainly functional to a object oriented model. As doing standardized unit testing becomes easier and not an one project solution. One of the first goals is to separate the presentation layer from the […]

Internet, Unix en security

Google Wave en Chrome OS

Niet The WOW is now, maar The Wave is now. Sinds afgelopen nacht heb ik toegang tot Google Wave met dank aan Hans Wolters. En om maar direct er vooruit te komen, het is meer hype dan echt bruikbaar cq zinvol nu. Dit geldt ook voor Chrome OS waar Google nu hard aan werkt, maar […]

Open & free

Mono is the golden bullet?

After many years and a lot of resistance, it may be that Microsoft worked it’s way into the Free Software world. And the result may be more horrifieing than one can imagion, but the way was maybe to simple to see in the beginning. It all started in 2000 with the release of the specifications […]