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OpenSolaris 2009.06

OpenSolarisDuring CommunityOne 2009 Sun Microsystems released OpenSolaris 2009.06 and Open HA Cluster 2009.06. With this release comes an improved Time Slider, support for the Intel Nehalem processor, integration of project Crossbow, SourceJuicer and much more.

First the upgrade from a previous version of OpenSolaris is very simple. The commands below should be enough to upgrade to version 2009.06 and would only depend on your download speed.

pfexec pkg refresh --full pfexec pkg install SUNWipkg
$ pfexec pkg image-update --be-name opensolaris-200906

After the reboot you can see which environments there are and which one is active now or will be active after the next reboot.

beadm list
BE Active Mountpoint Space Policy Created
-- ------ ---------- ----- ------ -------
opensolaris - - 72.79M static 2009-05-30 02:00
opensolaris-200906 NR / 7.35G static 2009-05-30 11:22
uname -a
SunOS homer 5.11 snv_111b i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris

The machine is now up and running with the latest stable release. So the next couple of weeks I’m going to experiment with a lot of new things like SourceJuicer and Crossbow to get a feeling for them.