Privacy & veiligheid

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I tried, I tried hard, I couldn’t handle it. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 without a proper Javascript-engine is a real nightmare, but officially I have to deal with it at a customer site. I could install Firefox in my homedir and use some of my limited storage space, but I would still break company policy. On the other side not having access to my sources like some Wiki’s, webmail, Safari Online, etc would stop me from doing my job basicly.

But it appears there is a solution if you can access a thumbdrive as in my case. Most thumbdrives has U3 which allows you to run software of your thumbdrive, but there is maybe an even easier solution. Most open source applications that have a Win32-port can be packaged to run of a thumbdrive. The most famous packaging sites for this is

Officially I don’t install any software on a machine and I don’t break any company policies. I doubt how long it would take before CD-drives and USB-connectors are closed again due to dataloss or stolen data. But then again, they could also offer a proper browser. It is also good to know there are companies with even stranger policies and solutions. Security should be about enabling people not trying to stop them as they will work around the issue sooner or later to get things done.