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EU, a drama unfolding

Flag of EuropeWith the elections for the European Parliament behind us a drama starts to unfold in the countries that where at cradle of Europe. The same countries that where like the founding fathers of the Europe Union, the same countries that has one single goal and wish, the same countries that tried to build a new future after the second World War.

Now in the aftermath it is still unclear what is going to happen and a unpredictable future is something that should get everyone worried. The Labour party in the UK would suffer massive losses when the people would vote a for a new national parliament. The ruling parties in The Netherlands also would suffer massive losses infavor of right-wing and conservative parties. For some other counties like Spain the voting on Thursday by the Dutch where most likely the kickstart they needed.

This is now the second time that the people gave a strong signal and hopefully politicians will do something with it. As I fear the third time send out a signal, the signal may no be so gentle as now. I also fear the politicians will ignore it as they did with the previous signal in 2005 and decided that they where allowed to ignore it and create a workaround. But the future will bring us the news and hopefully it is going to be good news.