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Documentation makes the platform

OpenSolarisEveryone says their platform is the best, but how can you determine what is the best platform? On the first place is documentation, but also the second and third place are reserved for documentation. It is that simple and that is the end of the story basicly.

But why? And why complain? Basicly because I’m sick of the answers RTFM or RTFS. Most of the time or the code is crap or the manual was written in the Stone Age. Before I continue, I must say that both the BSD and GNU people do there best to keep there documentation in a good shape, but try the Linux kernel or related tools. And I refuse to rely on Google as my source of how I need to tune my kernel for a high performance webserver.

If I check the three major Linux distributions what ECN does, then I don’t get any hits for my queries or I must dig into bugreports or mailinglists. When I query Google for the ECN parameter on the Sun-site my first 10 hits are directly documentation hits. And I have this again and again. This may explain to a certain level why I have a sweetspot for Sun Solaris while I’m a Debian user for long time now.

Keeping this in mind, you need to have good faith in the future that you dare to base you business around an operating system without indepth documentation. It is going to make a good point with a proof-of-concept to see if Sun Solaris and IBM AIX can be replaced by Linux. Then again it is also a point that needs to be solved to make free software better understandable and usable in the real world.