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Adopting NetBeans

Duke with helmetI’m from the Borland “blue” IDE generation and it was my favorite IDE for both Pascal as C/C++. But somewhere around Borland C/C++ 4.5 they changed to a Windows-interface and I was horrified at the time. I never found a good replacement and I tried a lot. KDeveloper looked promising, but limited to KDE-only at the time I stopped using it.

A lot people advised me to try Eclipse and so I did. I only ended up in wanting to shoot the bureaucrat who designed it. At the time NetBeans was also still a pain to use, but now with generation 6 is becomes a good alternative to use. It supports Java and C/C++, but also PHP, Python and Ruby. And tons of useful things like screening your code for FIXME-statements, but also ways to use remote webservers and repositories.

I’m now already on version 6.5.1 and using it more and more for PHP-development. Hopefully version 6.7 will become faster and less memory hungery as 500 MB allocated memory for an IDE is somewhat on the big side. This may be related to Java on 64 bits Linux, but I still need to test it on OpenSolaris for comparison. But for now it seems I found my new IDE as I’m slowly adopting it for more and more tasks.